One Hundred Ninety Two

yearofyogaJuly16A Year of Yoga: July 16, 2014

Pose: Side Lunge with prayer hands

Location: The Lebowski Bar; Reykjavik, Iceland

I have so much to say about today. First of all, our flight from Paris was on a newer airline based in Iceland called WOW. Seriously fun and awesome airline. They now (2015) offer flights from the East Coast of US so if you aren’t flying from Europe, you’re still able to experience the WOW. The flight attendants were funny and the amenities were great considering it’s a smaller company. So fly with WOW. (Ok my plug for them is over).

We landed in Iceland mid-afternoon and took a bus that dropped us right at our guest house. Our original booking ended up being double booked so we were upgraded to another guest house. It was gorgeous and an easy walking distance to downtown Reykjavik. I would stay here again for sure. We picked up some beer at the airport where it is much cheaper and enjoyed relaxing with a drink before showering and heading out to the Lebowski Bar.

So, we found an ad on the in-flight magazine for this place. We are huge movies of the Big Lebowski. If you haven’t seen it, stop what you are doing immediately and go watch it. The Lebowski Bar was great. The food was fine, not spectacular, but there is a whole menu of White Russians (I had a “special lady friend”), a bowling alley and Richard Nixon bowling photo on the wall, and the movie is constantly playing silently on large screens.

I love Iceland. Of all the places I’ve traveled, it’s the one I know I’ll keep returning to.

And I made a cute dog friend who was waiting for his owner outside : )

Photography Credit: Brandon