One Hundred Seventy Three

yearofyogaJune25A Year of Yoga: June 25, 2014

Pose: Table Variation

Location: A cool mask shop somewhere in the Old City

Today I dragged Lulu and Momo back to the Picasso Museum. It’s free for students and children so all of us get in for free. I gave them a “kung fu mission” to choose their 3 favorite pieces. They each chose really interesting ones.

Lulu chose Gored Horse. Momo chose Science and Charity. I nerded out in the room with all of Picasso’s interpretation of Valasquez’s Las Meninas. We had some really nice discussions about these pieces, what they might mean, and why Picasso painted them.

Photography Credit: Momo



One Hundred Sixty Six

IMG_2165A Year of Yoga: June 17, 2014

Pose: Cow Face Legs with Eagle Arms

Location: Picasso Museum, Barcelona

Everything about this picture makes me laugh. Today I finally made it to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. They don’t allow photos in the galleries so I had to settle for one in the foyer. This guy joined my photo just as I was twisting myself into this pose. I wonder what he’s thinking.

Photography Credit: D