One Hundred Eighty Eight

yearofyogaJuly12A Year of Yoga: July 12, 2014

Pose: Bird of Paradise

Location: Champ de Mars

We took the train into Paris for the day. Thankfully it isn’t raining! We spent most of the day at the Orsay which I prefer to The Louvre. I’ve always been more into modern art. We had a picnic planned for the week we stayed here previously but it was rained out. So today was our “do over” Eiffel Tower picnic.

Photography Credit: Brandon



One Hundred Sixty

yearofyogaJune10A Year of Yoga: June 10, 2014

Pose: Upward Dog Variation

Location: Jardins de la Industria, Barcelona

We spent the day at home resting up from yesterday’s adventure and catching up more with C. Lulu and I ventured out for a walk and found this neighborhood park.

Photography Credit: Lulu


One Hundred Fifty One

yearofyogaJune1 copyA Year of Yoga: June 1, 2015

Pose: Bound Side Lunge

Location: Somewhere in the Italian Alps

Our Italian friends drove us up to the mountains today where we met with some of their local friends, enjoyed one of the most incredible meals I’ve ever had, and wandered around this beautiful park. My favorite memory of today was of my friend’s youngest son L shouting “Che Bella” as we rounded a corner and the snowcapped peaks became visible. Beautiful day with beautiful people.

Photography Credit: Brandon




One Hundred Forty Five

IMG_4777(1) copy


A Year of Yoga: May 26, 2014

Pose: Revolved Half Moon

Location: Passatge Sant Joan, Lion Fountain. We live one block off of this beautiful street in Barcelona that basically has a park running down the center of it. There are playgrounds, people walking their dogs, runners, and neighbors congregating. This statue is part of it and we walk past it pretty much every time we leave the house. We know we’re almost home when we see the lion fountain. Today the girls resumed their school work (they are almost done), and it rained. Me and Momo took a short walk in the neighborhood before dinner. I love walking in the rain or after it’s been raining. We don’t get much rain in Southern California, so although I was hoping for more beach weather here in Barcelona, I’m definitely not complaining.

Photography Credit: Momo

One Hundred Forty One

IMG_4669(1) copyA Year of Yoga: May 22, 2014

Pose: Chair Variation

Location: Parc Guell, Barcelona. Today we decided to take a walk up to Parc Guell, the famous Barcelona, Gaudi-designed park. It sits on a hill offering some lovely views of the city. We had heard from our hosts E and A in Sevilla that the city is now charging for entrance into the park and we wanted to see what the situation was. On the one hand, I was pleased that only parts of the park required a ticket for admission. Much of the park is still accessible for no charge. The disappointing part was that all the Gaudi designed parts of the park now require a €7 ticket for admission and there’s a limited entrance schedule. You cannot just walk up and buy a ticket and go right in. You purchase tickets for a specific time. It seems that Barcelona has a complete monopoly now on Gaudi-designed spaces and if you want to see more than just the exterior from behind a gate on the sidewalk, be prepared to cough up a lot of euros.

We decided to explore the free areas, which are still very beautiful. We got some very lovely views and gorgeous weather. We made our way up to the high point of the park which is a huge cross. There were plenty of tourists and street performers to navigate through, but it was still enjoyable. I don’t know what I expected in such a big city with a huge tourist industry, but somehow I saw Barcelona as less of a tourist trap than somewhere like Paris or Rome. After a couple days though, I’m adjusting my expectations. There are a lot of tourists here. Thankfully the neighborhood we live in is far quieter with more locals and less tourists than a lot of other neighborhoods.

Photography Credit: Brandon


One Hundred Twenty Eight

IMG_4238A Year of Yoga: May 9, 2014

Pose: Extended Twisting Chair

Sanskrit: Parivrtta Utkatasana

Location: Parque Maria Luisa. It’s hard to believe, but we are down to our last week in Sevilla. Ten weeks doesn’t sound like a long time, but in that time we found a home away from home. There were so many things we planned to do and now that we’re down to our last week, we realized we better hurry up and do them. Today we took a picnic down to the park, spent some more time wandering around the beautiful Plaza de Espana, and then went for a bike ride along the river. We have been wanting to go to the Isla Magica water park but we can’t seem to find any information online about when it opens. So we planned to ride the bikes down there to see if we could figure it out. The bike ride along the river was great. I really miss riding bikes. Unfortunately when we got to Isla Magica, the whole park was closed; probably because of Feria. I guess tomorrow I will call their information line and try to figure out if the water park is open. It’s getting really hot here and a water park is sounding really nice about now.

Photography Credit: Momo



One Hundred Eight

IMG_3821A Year of Yoga: April 19, 2014

Pose: Bridge Variation

Sanskrit: Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Location: Parque Muralla del Valle. I have been so exhausted from traveling in Portugal for a week and coming home and jumping right into Semana Santa. Today I mostly rested at home and then took a walk in the afternoon and got this picture at a park near our house. Brandon did take Lulu and Momo out earlier to see a few processionals and bought Momo a €5 Spongebob balloon.

Photography Credit: Brandon


Eighty One

IMG_4203A Year of Yoga: March 23, 2014

Pose: Half Moon Variation

Sanskrit: Ardha-Chandrasana

Location: LLano de la Perdiz hiking trail above Granada. This trail is popular with locals for walking, mountain biking, and Sunday picnics. We certainly found that to be true. It was an amazingly beautiful and clear day and we had better views of the snowy Sierra Nevada today.

We followed the trail out of the parking lot of the Alhambra and encountered many people biking and walking their dogs off leash. It reminded  me so much of the Fullerton Loop. We were walking the trail but I was really envious of the people passing us on mountain bikes. Saturday and Sunday mornings are mountain biking days for me in Fullerton, but in Sevilla there is pretty much no mountain biking close by. Here are a few things that happened on our morning hike.

We stopped to adjust some things in the backpack and so my long sleeved shirt was laying on the ground. A pitbull puppy ran up to us and started rummaging through our stuff and ran off with my shirt. His owner was chasing him trying to get the shirt back and of course the puppy just thought it was a game. He did recover my shirt and was super apologetic. I just thought it was funny because I’ve been there with my own dog.

On one section of the trail there are exercise stations. So we were stopping and doing some of the workouts. We ran into a couple of gentleman who asked us to take their picture. When we started talking of course they could tell we weren’t native Spanish speakers so they asked us where we were from. We told them about the study abroad program and it turned out they were both professors at the university in Granada. They were very kind and said we were welcome in Spain and they were glad we were enjoying ourselves.

On the rest of the hike we passed by lots of people enjoying picnics, birthday parties, and playing futbol. Eventually we came to the beautiful views of the Alhambra. We walked back through the Alhambra parking lot and followed the path all the way down through the main entrance. The same one used centuries ago by people visiting the palace to see the Caliph.

This was our last day in Granada so we spent the rest of it wandering around the cathedral and had dinner at a nice restaurant and bought a few souvenirs. We really loved Granada and hope we can return.

Photography Credit: Brandon


Sixty Eight

A Year of Yoga: March 9, 2014

Pose: Kneeling Crescent

Sanskrit: Anjaneyasana

Location: In front of a fountain at Parque Maria Luisa. Today we joined all the students for a picnic in Sevilla’s largest and most beautiful park. I’m guessing most beautiful because even though I haven’t seen any of the other parks in Sevilla, this one is breathtaking. I didn’t even have a chance to explore the whole park, but I look forward to coming back soon to see more and find little hidden treasures.

Photography Credit: Brandon

Twenty Eight

A Year of Yoga: January 28, 2014

Pose: Triangle

Location: Chapman Park in Fullerton. I used to live near this park and would sometimes bring Lulu here when she was really little. Another memory I have of this park is the time when my husband and I were still dating and we lived in college dorms. Our college had a spring formal that we attended. Of course since we were underage we couldn’t drink but we had a bottle of wine we wanted to enjoy after the dinner. We couldn’t drink it on campus where we lived so we decided to come to this park and sit on the swings and swig from the bottle. But we didn’t have a corkscrew….so my brilliant husband decided maybe he could break the bottle at the neck on the curb. Well you can imagine how that went. Nobody drank any wine and we took a trip to the drugstore for butterfly band aids to patch up his hand. What can I say? We were 18.

Photography Credit: me (iPhone 5 and gorilla pod)

Twenty Two

A Year of Yoga: January 22, 2014

Pose: Wild Thing (one legged variation)

Location: Brea Reservoir Park. In the pine trees on the outskirts. This is a place super close to my house that sadly I have not realized or taken advantage of. It’s kind of tiny and right off a major street (Harbor Blvd). It’s easy to miss but as it turns out is a quiet and peaceful little spot despite the major traffic passing just yards away. Definitely a good spot for a picnic, yoga, or sitting and writing or drawing in a journal. I think I will be back!

Photography Credit: me (iPhone 5 and gorilla pod).


A Year of Yoga: January 17, 2014

Pose: Twisting Triangle

Location: The pier at Carbon Canyon Regional Park Lake. Today I rode out to this park. It’s 16 miles round trip and ended up being my longest solo ride to date. The park was completely empty so I had fun riding around the lake taking pictures. There are a lot of great places around Carbon Canyon Regional Park and I definitely plan to visit again for future posts.

Photography Credit: me (iPhone and gorilla pod)


A Year of Yoga: January 16, 2014

Pose: Marichi’s Pose

Location: Tri City Park. This park is on the border of Placentia, Fullerton and Brea, hence the name. This was my favorite park to bring my kids when they were little. We tried to teach Lulu to ride a bike here but she crashed and declared she would never ride a bike again. We had Momo’s 4th birthday party here on the hottest Labor Day ever. I have photos on my wall of my kids at this park when they were 7 and 1 going down the slide together. This is the park where they learned to swing, dig in the sand with sticks, play “store” with other kids using pinecones for currency, and where I have had many good cups of coffee and conversations with other moms. Tri-City Park also has a dark side. It is ruled over by the meanest gang…I mean gaggle of geese. They will attack small children clutching the heels of bread and any duck lucky enough to make it to a breadcrumb before them. They will not move out of your way if you are walking around the lake. In fact, they gather together to block the path and look like they’re daring you to keep going. I usually just walk in the grass and give them a wide berth. Even today on my bike, they seriously wouldn’t get out of my way. These geese are not to be trifled with. I admit, I’m afraid of them.

Photography Credit: me (iPhone 5 and gorilla pod).


A Year of Yoga: January 7, 2013

Pose: Staff

Location: Craig Regional Park. This park, while I haven’t visited in a long time, holds many good memories; memories of walking the trails with my daughter in her stroller when she was a baby, meeting for play dates, and picnicking with friends, good food, and adult juice boxes. It’s a beautiful park and very quiet and peaceful today.

Photo Credit: me along with my gorilla pod