One Hundred Ninety Six



A Year of Yoga: July 20, 2014

Pose: Baby Cobra

Location: Laugevegur Trail; Iceland

This is our 2nd day on the trek, and our first day having to ford an icy cold stream. But we were ready for it and made it no problem. We camped this evening by a beautiful lake and in the company of a charming group of Welsh teenagers. We heard a lot of people complaining about “Molly”. She was washing her over-trousers with baby wipes and didn’t show up to help with supper. In fact, I wrote a short story about a mixed up girl and christened her “Molly”. We ended up chatting with their group leaders for a good portion of the evening. They are secondary school teachers who lead groups on treks every summer. The deal for these teens is that they earn points towards college acceptance by participating in these treks. The treks are almost 100% led by the kids. The adults just sit back and make sure no one dies….meaning they might get lost, they might go hungry, they might run into unforeseen challenges. But the adults just let the kids work through it. I think this is absolutely brilliant. How awesome for these kids to learn survival, leadership, conflict management, and problem solving. We were pretty friendly with the group to the point where we felt comfortable making fun of their ketchup and pasta. They retorted back that the U.S. is responsible for ketchup. Touche.

Photography Credit: Brandon