Birthday Reflections

Birthday Reflections

I’ve lived long enough now to have experienced that despite planning, organizing, and making responsible decisions, life doesn’t always work out the way you want or expect. Thirty-nine years in and in many ways I’m starting at the beginning. The past year has been full of loss and hard transitions, and I’m still right in the middle of it. But despite all the challenges, I am choosing to recognize these beautiful truths:

I love myself more than I ever have before and I have been able to let go of a lot of old insecurities.
I completed a nine-year journey to a Master’s Degree.
I am about to start what I have long considered to be my dream job.
I got to fulfill another dream by traveling to Costa Rica and becoming a yoga teacher.
I saw my oldest daughter graduate from high school…and there was a point in time when she was much younger when I wondered if that would be her path.
I have two amazing daughters who blow me away every day with their talent, intelligence, responsibility, initiative, and thoughtfulness (even though I wish they would pick up after themselves!)

I am choosing this year to focus on growing in these ways:

To speak truthfully and authentically from a place of loving kindness and compassion rather than anger and judgment.
To stop comparing myself and my life situation to others. I am no worse. I am no better. I am just me.
To let go of things and people I can’t control or change.

I set an intention for this year:
To see you. To hold space for you. To love you.
To soften towards people and situations that are hard or hurtful.

To everyone who called, texted, messaged, and celebrated with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding me that I am loved in this life.