One Hundred Fifty Nine



A Year of Yoga: June 9, 2014

Pose: Prayer Squat

Location: Peter’s Garden; Rural Catalonia

C is here for a week! One of her priorities when traveling is to seek out cool art environments. She has dubbed them “outsider art”. Peter (of Peter’s Garden) calls them “places like this”. We rented a car and drove into rural Catalonia and found this special place. We wandered through the beautiful garden sculptures and buildings and then sat and enjoyed wine with Peter himself.

Photography Credit: Brandon


Seventy Eight

A Year of Yoga: March 20, 2014

Pose: Side plank with tree variation

Sanskrit: Vasisthasana + Vrikshashana

Location: Real Alcazar garden. Today’s cultural calendar event was a visit to the royal palace in Sevilla. Concepcion (pronounce – Conthepthion) was our tour guide for the palace and was extremely knowledgable and kind. We started our tour in the newer buildings of the palace which date back to the 16th century. Yeah, those are the newer buildings. We went back in time seeing each part that was built prior to the one we just saw all the way back to 11th century Muslim architecture. Apparently the palace is the oldest one in Europe that is still currently in use by a royal family. (Yes, Spain has a royal family). The real gem of the palace though is the garden. Of course I am always more drawn to nature and the outdoors no matter how impressive the architecture is. These gardens are expertly manicured with lovely fountains and pools around each corner. There’s a garden maze and peacocks wandering around. We didn’t have enough time for me to wander and enjoy all it had to offer. Hopefully I will get a chance to come back.

Photography Credit: Lulu