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A Year of Yoga: Fast Forward to Summer 2015

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So I wanted to take a time out from my 2014 Year of Yoga project to fast forward to the present. It has been almost a year since I returned from my European adventures. If you continue to follow this blog, you will see the end of our adventures, our return home, and some of our settling back into California life.

Currently I am about a month away from my 38th birthday and about 6 months away from graduating with an MA in Speech and Language Pathology. My husband, B, had the very sweet idea to send me to Costa Rica for yoga teacher training as a graduation gift. It’s a 4 week, 200 hour, intensive course that takes place in January 2016. After I finish my degree I will apply for my license to practice speech pathology. This process takes between 4 and 6 weeks, during which time I can’t work. So the plan is to utilize that downtime by furthering my yoga journey with teacher training.

If you have followed my yoga journey and have been inspired even a little, would you consider making a contribution to help me pay for the tuition costs of yoga teacher training? I will be paying for my travel expenses, but the tuition expenses are about equal to that.

Contributions can be made on my indiegogo campaign page. Even $5 is an incredible gesture that I promise to pay forward with yoga goodness.

Thank you for following dear readers! Namaste!