One Hundred Eighteen

photo copyA Year of Yoga: April 29, 2014

Pose: Tree Variation

Sanskrit: Vriksasana

Location: On a tour boat on the Guadalquivir River. We are getting down to the last couple weeks in Sevilla and our last couple cultural calendar event. Today’s event was a river boat tour. To be honest, it was nothing special. It was really hot out and by now we all have a decent idea of what the city looks like….it doesn’t look that much different from a boat. Still, it was a chance to hang out as a group and enjoy everyone’s company.

Photography Credit: Brandon



One Hundred Seven

IMG_5131A Year of Yoga: April 18, 2014

Pose: Camel Variation

Sanskrit: Ustrasana

Location: Along the Guadalquivir River near the Triana Bridge. Semana Santa is in full swing. Last night we made a point of being at the giant La Macarena procession (see post 106), so today we decided we would walk around the city and let fate lead us. We stopped for drinks in pink church plaza (see post 83) and heard a processional was about 40 minutes away so we waited. It was much smaller and most of the people in the crowd had family members in the processional. Little altar boys were marching through handing out candy to the children in the audience. After that we wandered through the city center where much of the street is closed off for the private boxes. We just got glimpses of how the rich Sevillanos get to watch processionals in luxury and comfort. We ran into a few more processionals before sitting down to a nice Italian dinner. After that we planned to watch the Triana church carrying it’s icon back over the bridge to its home. As we headed that way we decided rather than fight the crowds on the bridge, we would enjoy it from the river front.

Photography Credit: Brandon



Eighty Seven

photo copy 7A Year of Yoga: March 29, 2014

Pose: Handstand/Downward Facing Tree

Sanskrit: Adho-Mukha-Vrkshasana

Location: San Martin Bridge in Toledo, Spain. Today we took a day trip out of Madrid, to Toledo. Toledo was actually the capital of Spain for a long time and has a lot more history and charm than Madrid. I was not prepared for the breathtaking river town. Even though it was pouring down rain and part of our city tour was walking, it was beautiful and worth getting a bit wet for. Our amazing tour guide took us through the city to the Cathedral which holds a decent amount of art, including many works by El Greco. April 7 is the 400th anniversary of the painter’s death so the city was preparing to celebrate. Our guide gave us some interesting information about El Grecco including that he was extremely ambitious but also a bit defiant. Although he was required to paint what he was commissioned to paint by noblemen and the church, he found ways to do his own thing. After the cathedral we went to see this famous painting by El Greco (who lived in Toledo), which is housed outside the Cathedral. The painting was amazing but there were so many rude people pushing and shoving to get to the front. Our guide asked us to form a human wall and not let anyone past us so that she could point out some important information about the painting. She had 3 different people yell at her for this. But she handled herself with incredible grace, kept her cool, and still made sure we had a great tour. After El Greco, we visited the Jewish temple that is thought to be the oldest preserved temple in Europe. Toledo is famous for swords, marzapan, and El Grecco. I could do without a sword (although some of the students bought small daggers….?). We did enjoy the marzapan and El Grecco though! What a beautiful city. Make sure and visit the photo galleries which will soon have more photos of Toledo.

Photography Credit: Brandon


Twenty Four

A Year of Yoga: January 24, 2014

Pose: Upward Plank

Location: Oak Park in Anaheim. Today I drove out to Anaheim with the intention of visiting Oak Canyon Nature Center. Unfortunately when I got there it was closed for extreme fire hazard. Weird because it’s super overcast here today. So I left not having a plan B when I spotted this little jewel of a park. Never been here before but it was super oaky and rustic. My kind of place. Had fun playing.

Photography Credit: me (iPhone 5 and gorilla pod)