One Hundred Ninety Four

yearofyogaJuly18A Year of Yoga: July 18, 2014

Pose: King Pigeon

Location: Hot Springs; Landmannalaugar, Iceland

The weather has not been great today. We walked from our guest house to the bus station in the rain. We could barely see anything through the bus windows as we rode the 3 hour ride to the interior. Once we arrived, it was still raining. We hurriedly pitched our tent and got inside to warm up a bit. But we’re finally in Landmannalaugar! We’ve been looking forward to this for literally 3 years. So we put on our bathing suits and made a run for it to the warmth of the hot springs. We probably spent 2 hours in the pools, talking with other travelers, exchanging stories, and prolonging the inevitable pain of exiting the warm pools into the 40ish degree rain. We did eventually suck it up and get out of the pools. After changing back into some warm and dry clothes, we embarked on a short hike before cooking some food and heading to bed. I did find 2 items I needed in their little supply shop…woolen knitted socks and a quick dry towel! I’m ready to trek!

Photography Credit: Brandon



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