One Hundred Seventy Seven

yearofyogaJune30A Year of Yoga: June 30, 2014

Pose: Splits

Location: Oh My God!! PARIS!!

So this morning was a crazy whirlwind getting out of Barcelona. We had tickets for the high speed train leaving at 9. We were a sight; 5 of us dragging an insane amount of luggage down the street to the metro and making our way to the train station. A bunch of the escalators in the metro stations were down so we had to drag our luggage up and down so many stairs. At one point we attempted to jump on a metro train that was  packed with so many morning commuters, that only B’s mom and Lulu made it on. I was yelling through the glass at them so they would know which stop to get off at. We arrived shortly after them to find that Lulu’s phone had been picked from her purse on the metro. She was in tears. Ugh. So much drama. But we finally made it on the train and headed off to PARIS!!! We were all glad to have a few hours of relaxing time on the train and ended up chatting with several charming and delightful Aussies. B and I escaped to the beverage car for a mimosa.

Once we finally arrived in Paris, we were reliant on B’s mom to get us to the apartment, since she was kind enough to book it. It took us a few minutes to figure out which direction to walk, but before long we were on the way. The walk was really only about a mile and a half, but we had so much luggage we were dragging and the girls and B’s mom were so tired. So we put them all in a cab with as much luggage as we could and sent them ahead. So me and B, backpacking packs on, continued walking through Paris. It was surreal and amazing. We passed by Notre Dame and Shakespeare and Co. I love Spain and I know I will miss it, but right now I am just overjoyed to be in PARIS!

Made it to the apartment and got checked in. Then headed back out to find some dinner. Ate at a great little restaurant down the street and went home for some much needed sleep. Because tomorrow we PARIS! and EIFFEL TOWER!!

Photography Credit: Brandon




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