One Hundred Eighty Two

yearofyogaJuly5A Year of Yoga: July 5, 2014

Pose: Seated Twist

Location: Lawn of the Louvre

Today is Lulu, Momo, and B’s mom’s last day in Europe. For the past year I’ve been so excited about B’s mom taking the girls home for us so B and me can spend a few more weeks here on our own. But now that the day has come, I’m freaking out a little bit. We mostly spent the day organizing and packing and then headed out to dinner at a place several people recommended called Le Refuge de Fondues. On our way we walked through the garden at the Louvre and snapped this photo. The restaurant is supposedly a riot where they serve wine in baby bottles, are over the top rude (to be funny), and you have to sit with strangers. We were so disappointed not to find it. We had an address and our map app, but it was nowhere to be seen. We even asked several locals and they all looked at us like we were crazy. If anyone knows whether this place is still around, let me know! I’d love to try again some day. We ended up settling for some other place and talked about all our adventures with the girls. The girls talked about what they were both looking forward to upon arriving back in California. Del Taco was at the top of their list. We put them in a cab tonight with B’s mom, their passports, and most of our luggage. Me and Momo cried and hugged each other. I’m kind of tearing up right now remembering it. Ugh. Hard stuff to let your babies go knowing they have a long trip ahead of them and it will be weeks before you see them again.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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