One Hundred Forty Nine

yearofyogaMay30A Year of Yoga: May 30, 2014

Pose: Back Stretch Pose Preparation

Sanskrit: Paschimatanasana

Location: Lonigo, Italy – The front yard of our good friends with whom we are staying.

After yesterday’s challenges, we were happy to enjoy a relaxing day with our friend A. C and the boys had work and school, so we spent most of the day visiting and catching up with A. We walked into town and had a beautiful lunch at a cafe. In the evening we had a great time catching up with the rest of the family. Our friends have 2 little boys who are 2 and 5. D (age 5) speaks some English and spent much of the evening asking us “Are you my friend?” and showing us his toys while asking “Do you like it?”. Just imagine a beautiful tiny Italian accent. L (age 2) does not speak English yet. He took a little longer to warm up to us but by the end of the evening we had him won over. We ate dinner together and discussed possible plans for the next few days.

Photography Credit: Momo


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