One Hundred Fifty

yearofyogaMay31A Year of Yoga: May 31, 2014

Pose: Standing Wind Relieving Pose

Sanskrit: Utthita-Vayu-Muktyasana

Location: Piazza Garibaldi – Lonigo, Italy

C had to attend an all day class today, so the rest of us enjoyed another relaxing morning with American style coffee. We had made tentative plans to take the train to Verona, a city most famous for being the setting of Romeo and Juliet. Unfortunately, the train we had decided to take was canceled. We are not having good luck with trains here. The next train we could take would have left us with very little time to spend in Verona before having to return. Instead we decided to stay in Lonigo. We walked into town for gelato and let the boys and Momo ride bikes/scooters. At one point along the way there was a nice hill to ride down. The kids kept riding down and then running back up to do it again. Finally the promise of gelato got them to continue moving forward. After gelato we grabbed some drinks in the Piazza and let the kids ride around. L (age 2) really liked chasing pigeons. Afterwards we returned home where A made a beautiful citrus risotto for dinner. The men also made a trip out for some wine. Apparently wine can be pumped out of a machine similar to gasoline into containers that you bring in. And it only costs €1.20 per gallon (or something like that). Tomorrow we plan to get out of town and up into the mountains. But it has been nice just relaxing without pressure to sight see.

Photography Credit: Brandon


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