One Hundred Forty Six

IMG_4814(1) copyA Year of Yoga: May 27, 2014

Pose: Wide Legged Split

Location: Barceloneta Beach. Today I got my first look at the beach here in Barcelona. We live about 3 miles from the beach so I decided to make it a run. I have an on again/off again relationship with running. We’ve been in one of our “off” phases for a while. I am pleased to report that we got along quite well today! In fact, I shocked myself by setting a personal best time for the first mile (just over 8 minutes). Now if you’re a runner that probably sounds mediocre. But I am that person who couldn’t get around the block without having to slow down and walk and clutch my side while wheezing and cursing. The first time I ran an entire mile without having to stop, my time was close to 15 minutes. So 8 minutes was awesome! Once I arrived at the beach I really wished I had worn my bathing suit so I could cool off in the water. Instead I settled for wading and enjoying the breeze.

I have always dreamed of living on the Mediterranean, so when Brandon applied to teach a study abroad, I convinced him to apply for Barcelona. As it worked out we ended up in Sevilla instead, but spending 6 weeks here after the program ended was our consolation. After all I had built up in mind about living here, I confess I was a little bit let down by this beach. The beach area used to be an industrial sector and has only recently been transformed into a seaside tourist destination. The sand is very coarse and rocky and it’s small, crowded and dirty. But, nonetheless it was a surreal moment to stand on this beach with the Barcelona skyline behind me and realize I had dreamed about this and now I was here! So grateful and happy.

Photography Credit: Me (iPhone and gorilla pod)




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