One Hundred Thirty Nine

IMG_4606A Year of Yoga: May 20, 2014

Pose: Twisting Forward Fold

Location: Gracia, Barcelona. Today was our first full day in Barcelona. We spent most of the day resting and recovering from our weekend adventure and move to a new city. We slept in, did some unpacking and organizing, a little grocery shopping, etc. It is always fun moving into a new home and figuring out where things should go. We were a little disappointed to see that this house wasn’t as fully equipped as our home in Sevilla had been. We had to add things like dish towels and a spatula to our shopping list. The house is great though. The girls each have their own room and there is a lot of space for people to spread out and relax. Having the space is also nice as we will be having guests with us in a few weeks.

My friend (and spectacular hair stylist) and her husband have been in Barcelona for a week and are leaving tomorrow, so they invited us over to their place for dinner tonight. They rented an incredible apartment in a Mondernista building (the one in the photo above). The apartment is owned by a Barcelona architect who lives in the apartment next to the one they rent out. When we arrived at the apartment I was floored at how incredibly beautiful it was. It felt like walking into a museum. Everywhere you looked was some beautiful antique. We caught up a little bit with our friends and then we were invited next door to the architect’s home. We had a fabulous evening listening to my friend play their baby grand piano, touring the main living areas and the huge garden, talking with John Henry and his family about Barcelona architecture (among other things), and sipping champagne. I was disappointed our timing didn’t work out to spend more time with our friends here in Barcelona, but the one evening we got was a spectacular way to spend our first night in our new city.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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