One Hundred Forty

10346229_10202762399995243_8496102458586137545_nA Year of Yoga: May 21, 2014

Pose: One Legged Chaturanga

Location: Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. Today I got my first look at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The tourist taking a pic of me is hilarious. No, don’t look at the incredible building designed by a genius right behind you. Some crazy lady doing yoga in the street is way more interesting.

We live a 5 minute walk away from this Barcelona gem. It’s a little surreal to think that this place is sitting in the middle of a residential area where people just go about their normal lives. There are kids playing in the park in front, people watching World Cup in the pub across the street, moms pushing strollers, folks carrying grocery bags and staring at their cell phones. Hey everybody in Barcelona, that’s an amazing piece of architecture and history right in front of your face….just look up at it. It’s odd to contrast that with the multitude of tourists who can’t stop staring at it, but mostly through a camera lens. I’m guilty myself of not always looking up. Traveling has been a reminder to look around and notice the beauty that surrounds us….even if it’s not a famous piece of architecture.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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