One Hundred Thirty Three



A Year of Yoga: May 14, 2014

Pose: Extended Child’s Pose

Sanskrit: Balasana

Location: Dining room after our last night of hosting student dinners. But before I reminisce about that, the day was filled with some other highlights as well. Today, Momo, Lulu, & me met Brandon and many of the students over at the university and walked together to Plaza de Espana. Momo had remembered from our tour the first weekend here, that originally the plaza was meant to function as a book exchange. There are actually little built in bookshelves. People took the books just fine but never returned any. Most of the students planned on saving luggage space for the trip home by leaving behind text books so Momo suggested that we drop them at Plaza de Espana. The girls and I also had many books that we were finished with, so we joined everyone today to leave behind our books. We definitely got some looks as we made a tower of books in the plaza. It was pretty epic though.

After the book drop, the girls and I headed over the the Science Museum. We had been intending to visit all semester so today was the last chance we had. Unfortunately when we arrived we discovered that the Planetarium only functions Friday – Sunday. Momo was extremely disappointed as space is her particular interest. We had to content ourselves instead with the exhibits of fossils, insects, and interactive games. There were a couple field trips of students around Momo’s age and one little girl in particular wanted to talk to Momo but seemed shy. I think she wanted to practice her English. They mostly ended up smiling and taking turns with the displays. So cute.

Tonight was our final student dinner and we squeezed more students in than any other night. I think our final count was 10 students plus our 4 family members. It was meant to be for the English majors but turned into anyone who hadn’t attended a dinner yet as well as a few students who somehow wormed their way back because they love us (heehee). The students arrived tonight with cake, wine, flats of strawberries, salad….it was lovely. Everyone discussed how much they had loved the program, how the experience had changed or challenged them, their plans for the end of the program, school plans for the fall semester. I will remember it as probably my favorite student dinner of the semester. Tomorrow is our last full day in Sevilla and we haven’t even started packing. I am definitely nervous about fitting all our belongings into a rental car. Child’s pose will help me deal with it all.

Photography Credit: Brandon


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