One Hundred Thirty Four

IMAG1512A Year of Yoga: May 15, 2014

Pose: none

Location: On our street, Calle Enladrillada with our hosts. We had a crazy day of packing and cleaning. Our evening ended with tapas with our hosts Ezekiel and Adolfo. I am so happy to have found lovely friends in them. They are truly such amazing and generous people and I wish we had more time to spend with them. They had planned to take us to a vegetarian tapa bar that we had heard about, but we ended up not finding it. The place we ended up at was really good though. There were plenty of vegetarian options (a nice change). We had a good evening talking with them about their trip to Barcelona and how many places we didn’t get to see in Andalucia. It ended of course with us promising to return. One can hope/dream/wish. Tomorrow we are homeless for a few days (aka camping with all of our belongings loaded into a car) until we arrive in Barcelona on Monday.

Photography Credit: random lady on the street



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