One Hundred Thirty Five



A Year of Yoga: May 16, 2014

Pose: Standing Hand to Big Toe with Forward Fold

Sanskrit: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana/Uttanasana

Location: Our campsite at Camping Trevelez. We left Sevilla today for good. It was quite a commotion this morning realizing how much we had to fit into our rented car. Brandon went and fetched the car at the train station and was able to park at Plaza Pelicano. This gave us plenty of time to figure out how to tetris everything in without the pressure of being double parked. The girls and I kept bringing bag after bag of stuff from the apartment while Brandon stayed with the car puzzling things out. Our last trip out of the apartment was definitely tearful and emotional. The moment I realized we had everything and I needed to leave the key on the table and walk away forever….so hard. It hit me in that moment that it was the second time I’d had to do that and wouldn’t be the last of this trip. Although we were in our California home for 8 years and here for only 11 weeks, the emotion was the same. It was gratitude mixed with grief and apprehension.

We loaded into the car. Everyone was squeezed in pretty tight with all the stuff, but today we’re only driving about 4 hours. We went without GPS this time and relied on maps and signs instead. We did pretty well. The drive into the mountains was beautiful and we arrived at our campground no problem with plenty of daylight to spare. We chose a pitch that was on the high point with the vista of the village of Trevelez (you can see behind me). It was nice to be out in nature with decent weather and a good glass of wine. Oh, and my Portuguese poncho is coming in quite handy!

Photography Credit: Brandon


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