One Hundred Twenty Seven

IMG_4219A Year of Yoga: May 8, 2014

Pose: Revolved Warrior 2

Sanskrit: Parivrtta Virbhadrasana 2

Location: Walking home from my first day of Feria de Abril. The Feria in Sevilla is a a fair/festival that usually takes place a couple weeks after Easter. Since Easter was late this year, Feria is actually taking place in May. They still call it Feria de Abril though. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I knew that traditional dress is very important. Feria dresses cost between €250-500 used, but I found one second hand for €25. Of course I then spent €75 to have it altered, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. Momo also wore one. You can see pictures of the Feria under the Sevilla photo gallery. Basically, it’s hundreds upon hundreds of beautifully decorated tents, most of which are private. Inside the tents you eat, drink, and dance. There are several public tents for those of us paupers who aren’t special enough to get invited to a private tent. Everyone drinks the Feria drink, rebujito. It’s basically white wine and soda. Sounds like it wouldn’t be good, but it is delicious and refreshing. It was insanely hot at the fair today, so it was a welcome respite to drink rebujito in the shade. Other than the general dressing up, drinking, and merriment, there are also crazy fair rides. So today we let our girls loose and enjoyed the rides. There are still a few more days of Feria so next time I think I will come at night when it isn’t as hot. I hear it is even more beautiful with all the lights.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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