One Hundred Twenty Three

IMG_5479A Year of Yoga: May 4, 2014

Pose: Humble Warrior Variation

Sanskrit: Baddha Virabhadrasana

Location: Calton Hill, Edinburgh. Today was our last full day in Scotland. 3 1/2 days is definitely not enough time. I love it here. I will definitely be back. Today we stayed in the city instead of venturing out to the country. We walked the Royal Mile starting up at Edinburgh Castle. We stopped off at the Elephant House Cafe for lunch. This is the cafe which is now famous as the “birthplace of Harry Potter”. My kids were really excited about adding to the Harry Potter themed, graffiti-covered bathrooms. The actual cafe itself is nothing great. Mediocre food, but still a nice atmosphere and they don’t over hype the HP connection. There’s a couple photos on the wall and the crazy bathroom graffiti, but that’s it. After lunch we shopped at a few street vendors on the Royal Mile before going back to the apartment for a rest. Later in the afternoon we walked over to Calton Hill where there is an unfinished National Monument (seen above). Mostly it’s just a lovely walk with amazing views. It started raining on us so we decided to call it quits for the day. Brandon and I had reservations for a highly recommended restaurant called The Outsider. Now I can also highly recommend it. I had the gnocchi and it was incredible. It was nice to enjoy a grown up dinner and let the kids stay at home with a movie and some pasta. After dinner we stopped off at a pub for some local folk music and a drink. Excellent. Well done Scotland.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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