One Hundred Twenty Four

IMG_5530A Year of Yoga: May 5, 2014

Pose: Boat Variation

Sanskrit: Navasana

Location: Under the Salisbury Crags on the way up to Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh. This is our last morning in Scotland. We decided to get in one last little hike and got up early to climb up to Arthur’s Seat. It was a lovely morning, the weather was perfect, and it was relatively uncrowded. There were a lot more people climbing up by the time we were headed down, so I’m glad we did it early in the day. Lulu chose to sleep in but Momo got up and climbed it with us. Momo has been working on her own blog which highlights her travel adventures through the eyes of her stuffed frog which she has had since she was 2. This morning as we were headed back to the apartment, we realized froggy had jumped out of Momo’s pocket and was no longer with us. People, you have no idea what a tragedy this was. Brandon, being a good dad, ran back to look for him and I walked a devastated Momo back to the apartment. She climbed directly into bed and just started crying. Now if you want to hear the story from froggy’s point of view and discover the ending, you can find Momo’s blog here. 

The rest of our time in Scotland was spent purchasing souvenirs. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate my family clan tartan. I was told that Caulder is one of those minor clans that no one ever asks for so I would need to have it special ordered. Well maybe another time I’ll do that. Instead I bought tartan that looked similar to ours. I also spent way too much money on a beautiful Harris Tweed bag, Lulu got a cute plaid hat, and we definitely had to take back some Scotch. I definitely left a part of me in Scotland. Cannot wait to return and see more.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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