One Hundred Twenty One

IMG_3991A Year of Yoga: May 2, 2014

Pose: Dancer Pose Preparation

Sanskrit: Natarajasana

Location: The Pentlands outside Edinburgh Scotland. Last night we had a rough arrival to Edinburgh. The apartment we booked has a lock box with the key inside. We were given the code but unfortunately the lock box was broken and we couldn’t get the key out. It was about 1 in the morning by the time we arrived so our attempts to call the owner were unsuccessful. We ended up checking into a Best Western down the street. Thankfully, the owner responded to my emails promptly, came and let us into the apartment first thing the next morning and refunded us for the first night. Now we could get on with our time in Edinburgh. There was a great little cafe right next door to our building called the Wee Bite and it was amazing to drink a cup of coffee in a to-go cup and walk around the streets with it. This does not happen in Spain. Brandon and I ventured out for a couple hours in the early afternoon. We checked out the Princes Street Gardens and climbed up the Walter Scott Monument. Our main activity planned for today was to ride ponies in the Pentlands. There is a non-profit group run by university students that promotes awareness and raises funds for an endangered breed of Scottish ponies called Exmoors. (Read more about the program). Part of the program is offering rides out in the country. We took a bus and found our way to the fields where the ponies live. We were met by some charming UK university students who were leading the ride. They had us help groom and saddle the ponies. Once everyone had a helmet and appropriately adjusted stirrups, we set out. This is seriously one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Everything is so green and the air is crisp. From where we were riding there were great views of Edinburgh and the River Forth and across to Fife. We learned that these ponies have the tendency to be divas and drama queens. Brandon’s pony kept trying to kick the others so he had to keep some distance from the rest of us. Momo’s first pony was really into eating grass and being an inexperienced rider she wasn’t able to keep the pony in check. Her next pony was better but a little clumsy and slow. Lulu’s pony liked to dramatically flip his mane around and eat grass at will. He used to be a stallion (wild pony). Maybe he’s still trying to exert his independence. My pony was the victim of Brandon’s, so on several occasions she would just start running to get away from him. We got a nice 2 hour ride and it was a spectacular way to spend the evening. After the ride we hiked back down to our bus stop. It was freezing and thankfully we didn’t have to wait long. We had planned to find a restaurant to get some fish n’ chips. We have all been waiting for some really good fish n’ chips. We discovered that the meal schedule is the complete opposite than in Spain. It was about 8:30 when we got back and started looking for a restaurant. Every restaurant stops serving food at 9pm. Many of them wouldn’t even let us in the door because after 9 children aren’t allowed in pubs. We ended up finding a little hole in the wall take out place. We did get our fish n’ chips although not the caliber we were hoping for. We took it back to our apartment and enjoyed a movie together as a family and made plans for the next day.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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