One Hundred Twenty

IMG_3918A Year of Yoga: May 1, 2014

Pose: Headstand

Sanskrit: Sirsasana

Location: Malaga, Spain on the Mediterranean Coast. This part of Spain is also called Costa del Sol. Today we are catching a flight from Malaga to Edinburgh. When we originally purchased the tickets we thought Brandon would be teaching today. So our flight didn’t depart until 8 pm or something. As it turned out, May 1 is a Spanish National Holiday so the university was closed. We decided to use our extra time to hit the beach in Malaga before going to the airport. We got off the train from Sevilla and dragged all our luggage on a bus down to the beach and it was glorious. We had great weather and a nice shady”ish” patch of grass. We ate our picnic lunch. We took turns watching the luggage and going down to the water. Vivienne and I collected shells. We enjoyed some Sangria and ice cream in a little cafe. We did have the weird factor of getting on an airplane to a really cold place while still in our beach attire. We just kept our jackets out. Our plane landed at 11pm and we got a car to our apartment. That story I will save for tomorrow.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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