One Hundred Nineteen

IMG_3911A Year of Yoga: April 30, 2014

Pose: Dolphin Plank

Sanskrit: Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana

Location: Another courtyard in my building. This photo depicts that there is construction being done in the building. When we first arrived in Sevilla two months ago, our host did make us aware that there was construction happening in the building but that it should be completed within a week; two at most. The “two more weeks” construction cliche applies in Spain. We’ve been here two months now and there has been some form of construction going on continuously since our arrival. Sometimes it’s just painting or some other quieter form of work. Mostly it’s deafening jack hammer type noise. They’ve been redoing the stairs, much of the tile, ripping bricks off the wall. After a while I kind of got used to it. I know our host was shocked when we told him they were still working in the building. I think he felt bad. Of course it’s not his fault since he doesn’t own the building. Whatever doesn’t kill us right?

Photography Credit: Lulu



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