One Hundred Seventeen

IMG_3896A Year of Yoga: April 28, 2014

Pose: Runner’s Stretch or Intense Hamstring Stretch

Location: The Museum of Tolerance. Under the Triana Market, the remains of St. George’s castle is being excavated. This was the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition. The museum tells the stories of individuals who were victimized by the Inquisition. A basic idea of the Inquisition, was that everyone in Queen Isabela’s Kingdom was forced to convert to Catholicism. Anyone suspected of secretly practicing anything else (i.e. Judaism, witchcraft, etc.) were subjected to the Inquisition…which basically operated on a “guilty until proven innocent” system. Anyone accused would automatically be detained and given an opportunity to confess. If no confession was made, well let the creative violence commence. My favorite thing about this exhibit was the sign at the entrance. A rough translation is “These terrible things happened right here in our city. We should know about them and think about them”. Wise words.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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