One Hundred Eleven

IMG_3844 A Year of Yoga: April 22, 2014

Pose: Wide Legged Forward Fold

Sanskrit: Prasarita Padottanasana

Location: Alameda de Hercules. Tonight we had another cultural calendar event. We met the students and the Brits at the residence and then all set out on a walk across the river to the Teatro Central to see a flamenco guitar performance by two women, Antonia Jimenez and Marta Robles. The Teatro Central is in the area of town that was built up for the 1992 expo. It always looks more or less deserted whenever I’ve seen it, although Sevillanos swear they use it. Even tonight, when there is an event at the theater, this part of town seems empty. We took our seats just in time. The show was very good. It was just guitar, no dancing. The type of flamenco music was definitely more mournful and serious; no clapping or yelling out. Although I prefer more lively flamenco, it was very cool to see two women being given opportunity and respect for their craft. I play a little guitar, but I could never imagine playing the way these women do. After the performance we walked back towards the residence with the students but then split off through the Alameda which is a faster route to our house. I haven’t been in this famous plaza since we moved here. It’s a wide and long plaza with places for kids to play, benches, bike paths, and surrounded by lots of cafes and bars. Either end of the alameda is marked by two tall columns with statues of Julius Cesar and Hercules on top. The Alameda is actually the oldest and largest public “square” in the old city of Sevilla.

Photography Credit: Momo



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