One Hundred Nine

IMG_3834A Year of Yoga: April 20, 2104

Pose: Standing Bow Variation

Sanskrit: Dandayamana-Dhanurasana

Location: Ave Kansas City in the middle of the rain in front of the Sevilla Santa Justa train station. Today was Easter Sunday. We started our morning with the very American Easter tradition of champagne brunch. I don’t think champagne brunch is a thing in Spain, so we made our own at home. After some lazing around at home, Brandon went out for a walk and found himself at the fútbol stadium purchasing tickets for the match against Granada. So I met him down at the stadium and we cheered Sevilla in person one last time. We were seated next an English couple and ended up having a discussion about the differences in the fans at fútbol matches, England vs. Spain. In Spain, the fans are very joyful. They sing, clap, bounce up and down, hug and kiss when things are good. When something bad happens on the field there is some yelling but the focus is definitely more on the joy. Apparently the English are a bit more “angry”. (English subtlety implied). Sevilla easily won the match. Granada isn’t a great team and every year they are usually just happy if they don’t get relegated. After the match, it was pouring down rain so we ducked into an Italian restaurant and had dinner. It was still pouring down rain when we finished dinner, but we didn’t want to pay for a taxi since it’s not that far of a walk. On the walk home we stopped here for a quick yoga picture.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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