One Hundred Five

IMG_5040A Year of Yoga: April 16, 2014

Pose: Warrior 1

Sanskrit: Virabhadrasana 1

Location: Gaia, Portugal. I’m actually staying in Porto which is the city you see across the river. I wanted the photo to show how beautiful this town is. Of course a photo can never do it justice. For now I’m going to say that Porto is my favorite European city I’ve visited. Portugal has been full of surprises. We are staying in an adorable flat located just around the corner from the tower in the top right hand side of the photo. The people here are friendly and the food is to die for. (Side note: Don’t go to Spain for the food unless you really really love pork). Today we started our morning with amazing french toast at the Cafe Majestic. A little pricy but so good. After breakfast we wandered around looking at the outsides of beautiful churches, the train station, and the Bolhao Market. We ate lunch on the river front before jumping on a boat to tour the city from the river. The afternoon plan was to go port tasting….because it’s Porto; they have a lot of port here. We took Momo and Lulu on the sky tram and then Brandon walked them back to the apartment while Doug and I relaxed at a cafe. We started our Port tasting at a place I can’t remember the name of. It was kind of touristy and crowded with a lady singing Fado a little overly affectacious , but we got free tastes there so we decided to stay. Brandon and I each ordered 3 tastes (so 6 total) and they proceeded to bring out full pours…6 of them…at 4 in the afternoon. We were a little flabbergasted. There is no way you can drink 3 full pours of port and leave the room standing up straight. So we just laughed and took very small sips of each. Although there are many port wine tasting cellars in Porto, one of the most famous and historic ones is Taylor’s. So we decided to skip all the others and head straight there. It’s up a hill and off the main road with a nice quiet garden and tasting room. Doug actually ordered a 40  year old port. Brandon and I went a little more low class but we all tasted the 40 year. Wow. Ridiculous. One bottle of it cost €180. They also had “very old” port that was €100 just for a taste and something like €2500 for a bottle. You could really get crazy here if you have the means. We stuck to a 10 year old port and even ended up buying a bottle. After the port tasting we wandered back to our apartment for a nap before dinner. Dinner was at an incredible little fish place where we all had whole fish served to us for the first time….heads, fins, eyes, bones, scales…. the whole thing. Being a now former vegetarian (which I plan to revert to when I return to the states), I was a little trepidatious at the thought of a whole fish. However, I dealt with my emotions and thanked the fish for providing me with nutrition and then ate the whole thing. It really was delicious. Don’t think I need to do it again, but it was a lovely meal. Brandon had a different kind of fish that he says was life changing. We also enjoyed amazing dessert with another glass of port and walked home completely satisfied and already missing Portugal. Tomorrow we say goodbye to Doug and drive home to Sevilla where the craziness of Semana Santa awaits.

Photography Credit: Momo


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