One Hundred Three


A Year of Yoga: April 14, 2014

Pose: Infinity Pose

Sanskrit: Anantasana

Location: Serra de Estrela National Park, Portugal. Today we drove outside the city of Coimbra to the mountains; the glorious mountains. After a little bit of confusion getting out of the city and laughing our asses off at the GPS trying to pronounce Portuguese street names, we were heading up. It was a longish drive and we were glad to arrive at the mountain village which is the hub of the park. We stopped in the village and ate our packed lunch on a grassy area with some beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The office for the National Park gave us some directions about how to drive into the park. I had no idea how incredible this day would turn out. The first part of the drive is along a ridge overlooking a gorge with a little river and some rustic looking farms. We made several stops along the side of the road just to get out and breath the mountain air and enjoy the scenery. We parked the car outside a camping area and did a short hike along the river. Brandon accidentally stepped in the river and Momo actually fell. I rock hopped into the middle of the river and did a little yoga. After we finished exploring this beautiful area of the park, we got back in the car and continued driving. As it turned out, this road leads all the way up to the highest elevation peak in the country of Portugal. We had no idea. We continued getting out to admire the views, throw some snow at each other, and marvel at some crazy Catholic icon carved into the side of the mountain. When we arrived at the very top, we got out and ended up buying some Portuguese wool panchos. I will be rocking mine whenever I camp from now on. The whole day was beautiful.

Photography Credit: Brandon


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