One Hundred Four

IMG_4966A Year of Yoga: April 15, 2014

Pose: Forward Fold

Sanskrit: Uttanasana

Location: Outside an unknown (but beautiful) building in Porto, Portugal. I love the random guy in the background. It depicts how there are constantly people around when I “stop, drop, and yoga” in public. I am by no means completely comfortable just popping into a pose wherever, but it is getting easier. Yoga is not just physical of course, but mental (and emotional & spiritual) as well. The mental part of this year long challenge has evolved into overcoming how much I allow what others think to control me; especially strangers. Of course, we can never fully overcome this. It’s a constant struggle. Sometimes I’m able to completely block out my surroundings when I try a pose in public. Other times I’m hyper aware of how insane I must look and I let it stop me from getting the photo I want. But what I love most about yoga; what attracted me to yoga in the first place, is the focus on practice as opposed to perfection. The focus on being accepting of where I’m at. The focus on not judging myself (or others). The focus on not allowing other people’s judgments of me to dictate my decisions. Hard stuff. I’m still an infant at some of this. But I accept that, knowing that growth is inevitable even if it’s slow.

We arrived in Porto this afternoon. Our apartment is amazing. The city is beautiful. We walked to a lovely pizza place for dinner and enjoyed the dessert and port as well. Had to stop for a quick yoga photo on the walk home! Looking forward to exploring Porto over the next couple of days.

Photography Credit: Brandon


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