Ninety Seven

photoA Year of Yoga: April 8, 2014

Pose: Side Intense Stretch

Sanskrit: Parshvottanasana

Location: Plaza Terceros. This is a plaza I walk through everyday. It’s the closest plaza in the direction of the center of Sevilla and is usually full of locals. There is also a great bakery here which we frequent. In California we lived near a bakery and Momo would walk there and get breakfasts or snacks after school. I think she was missing the independence because she asked me if she could try walking to this bakery by herself for breakfast. At first I was a little hesitant. This bakery is a little bit farther of a walk and it’s a foreign country and she doesn’t speak any Spanish. But also, Sevilla is super safe and she’s walked there with me a million times. So I agreed. I made sure she knew what to do if she got lost (stay put) and that if she wasn’t back in 15 minutes I would come find  her. Of course she did just fine and has since made a habit of walking there armed with a few Spanish phrases and whatever Euro coins are laying around. I can’t help thinking what an amazing experience she is getting to have and how much it’s going to change her world view and perspective. I’m so excited that she’s getting this kind of exposure to different cultures at such a young age. I just need to remember to let her have them and not protect her from them.

Photography Credit: Brandon



2 thoughts on “Ninety Seven

  1. Love the photo of the plaza. And what a great experience for your daughter! I can understand how hard it’d be to let your daughter walk alone in a foreign country where she doesn’t speak the language that well but the exposure will be good for her. I just think back to the times I traveled through the Philippines as a child when my family would go back to visit.

  2. ¡qué chulo! Necesito recordar que a nadie le va a importar si hago yoga en público.. no soy tan interesante. I can see where your daughter gets her bravery! 🙂

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