Ninety Five

IMG_3308A Year of Yoga: April 6, 2014

Pose: Standing Wind Relieving Pose

Sanskrit: Pavanamuktasana

Location: Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. Today we went to our first futbol match. The match was Sevilla vs. Espanyol. I admit I haven’t been a huge futbol fan in the past. I enjoy World Cup and I know Messi is the best, but that may be the extent of my futbol knowledge. However, like with most sporting matches, being there and cheering for your home team is awesome and exciting. Sevilla is ranked fourth in La Liga. We had front row seats right by one of the goals. During the second half we got to see 2 goals scored right in front of us. Probably the best part though is the culture of futbol that is apparent when you go to a Spanish match. The singing and chanting and jumping. There is no woo hooing. Being a fan is an art. You can’t just show up and scream. You have to learn the songs and wave a scarf. I did buy a scarf and I did my best to sing, but I need more practice. Hopefully we will get to another match before the end of the season! (Also there will hopefully be videos uploaded to the blog soon so you can get a taste of the celebration).

Photography Credit: Brandon



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