Ninety Two

IMG_2957A Year of Yoga: April 3, 2014

Pose: Bow Pose

Sanskrit: Dhanura Asana

Location: Tarifa, Spain. The southernmost tip of Spain and closest point of Europe to Africa. That is Morocco in the distance across the straight of Gibraltar. Today we had our first road trip, Spain style. There were 7 of us so we rented the most ginormous 9 passenger van and headed down to Tarifa where tomorrow we will catch a high speed ferry over to Morocco. Although I was initially nervous about driving in Spain (especially a giant van on narrow Spanish streets), today ended up being one of the funnest days. We had a great group; me, Brandon, Lulu, Momo, my brother and sister-in-law, and one of Brandon’s students. We started out in the afternoon after Brandon finished teaching and once out on the road decided to stop for a bite to eat. We ended up at a buffet (now referred to as the buffet of death) with no one else there, dirty dishes, and food that looked like it had been out for days. We all quickly lost our appetites but joked that the point of stopping was to no longer feel hungry. We definitely accomplished that. Although the first stop was unsuccessful, the rest of the day more than made up. We made it to Tarifa, found our apartments and checked in. They were adorable and within a close walk of the shore and the town. We walked down by the shore (where you see this picture) and then had a drink in town. Afterward we visited the castle fortress in Tarifa. The sweet old gentleman selling tickets joked with Momo that she was a princess and this was her castle. We had fun walking along the turrets and staring over at Africa. We were all definitely ready for a good dinner tonight after the buffet of death fiasco. We walked along the main plaza looking at the menus and ended up deciding on a pizza place because the owner actually came out and greeted us and invited us to come in. It ended up being amazing. We enjoyed authentic Italian style pizza and wine. The owner took photos for us and showed us pictures of himself as a young man. At the end he served us some delicious limoncello on the house. After pizza, on the way back to our apartments, we stumbled upon a place called the Moby Dick Tavern. It was impossible not to check it out (Brandon is an English professor after all). It was a cool and obviously local hangout. We enjoyed another drink and some laughs, but the girls were falling asleep at the table so we figured we should call it a night since our ferry was leaving in the morning at 9am. All in all, a very fun day. Africa tomorrow!

Photography Credit: Brandon



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