Eighty Nine

Photo copy 2A Year of Yoga: March 31, 2014

Pose: Downward Facing Dog

Sanskrit: Adho-Mukha-Svanasana

Location: The courtyard of my apartment building in Sevilla. Today I thought I’d actually write a little bit about the yoga experience here in Spain. When I first got here my intention was to join a studio. Before I had a chance to do some research though, the opportunity to join a gym that offered yoga classes arose and it was a really good deal. So I decided to go with that. As it turns out, not that many classes are offered each week and I find myself so busy traveling, home-schooling, and completing my own assignments for my online grad courses. Making it to regular yoga classes has been a challenge, but I have been several times now. My experience is only with this one gym and two teachers so I cannot say whether it is representative of yoga in all of Spain. What I have experienced has been a little different than back in California. Every class I’ve been to has started out with Savasana. We lay there and the teacher talks during Savasana. My Spanish is getting better but I’m still missing a lot of what they’re actually saying other than “release” and “feel the floor”. The class ends with everyone sitting in easy pose (how we usually start a class) and doing oms. This I love. I can feel the frequencies of everyone’s vibrating vocal folds resonate in my whole body. It’s very powerful. I have only been to a couple classes in California where they ended with oms. So far in Spain, every class I’ve taken has ended with oms and I definitely prefer this. Although I do miss Savasana at the end, it’s nice to come into the room after rushing there and go right into a centered and relaxed moment. The flow practice is of course similar to what I’m used to and shows the uniqueness and creativity of each teacher and there have been some sequences that were new to me. Overall, I would say the classes are very focused on good form, basic postures, and have a meditative aspect. It’s been a good way to immerse myself in the language as well. It’s definitely challenging to rely only on the verbal instructions; which means a lot of times my eyes are open instead of closed so I can follow visually. I hope to get back from Spring Break and really work a class into my schedule at least three times a week and also be more disciplined about my home practice. Send me your positive vibrations!

Photography Credit: Lulu



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