Eighty Five

photo copy 6A Year of Yoga: March 27, 2014

Pose: Wheel

Sanskrit: Chakrasana

Location: Palacio Real de Madrid – Royal Palace of Madrid. Did you know that Spain still has a monarchy? I did not before I moved here. We are in Madrid for the weekend and started off with a bus tour of the city center with a stop off at Plaza de Espana which holds the famous statue of Cervantes, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. This was followed by a private tour of the Royal Palace. This is an insanely huge palace and I think only about 1% of it is even open to the public. You are not allowed to take photos inside so this photo is in the courtyard. In the 18th century, the old palace burned down and King Philip V had plans to build the most elaborate palace in Europe. The palace was never finished according to his original plan. Something like only 25% of the original plan was actually built. That being said, there are still over 3,400 rooms in the place. Too much.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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