Eighty Eight

IMG_2712A Year of Yoga: March 30, 2014

Pose: Revolving Triangle Pose

Sanskrit: Parivrtta-Trikonasana

Location: Rooftop of Circulo de Bellas Artes (Circle of Fine Arts). We finally made it up here in our last couple hours in Madrid. On the first day here, our tour guide pointed out this building to us as a great location for a panoramic skyline view of Madrid. The first night we ended up heading to bed early but with definite intentions to pay a visit. We had a vague idea of where it was…somewhere on Gran Via close to our hotel. We figured we would find it. But Friday night we did not find it and ended up settling for the top floor of a department store that offered us drinks for US prices (read: expensive as hell). We decided we would do our homework, locate the place on a map, and return on Saturday night. One of the Brits (the study abroad company employees who organize everything for us….they’re awesome) told us exactly where it was and how to get there and said it was awesome and a must see. After dinner and drinks at Corrientes, the (rumoured) Hemmingway bar, we set out again, this time knowing exactly where to go. We arrived at 9:35 and were informed that they close at 9:30. Aghhh! It was starting to feel like it wasn’t meant to be. On Sunday we spent the morning at the famous El Rastro flea market where we froze to death and then decided to wait in the line for the famous chocolate at San Gines. When we were done with the chocolate we had a couple hours til the bus took us back to the train station so we decided to try one more time….and we made it! It was definitely worth it and I’m glad we ended up here on Sunday afternoon because the rain had stopped and we had some gorgeous views. Madrid is huge, bustling, loud, and exciting. I had fun for the weekend but I must say I’m glad our whole trip is not here. I do hope to return some day though. I could spend a whole week in the Prado and Reina Sofia alone. But until then, Adios Madrid.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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