Eighty Three

Photo copy 5A Year of Yoga: March 25, 2014

Pose: One Legged High Plank

Sanskrit: Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana

Location: Pink Church Plaza. Ok actually it’s called Plaza del Salvador and this pink church is called Iglesia Colegial del Salvador. We pass this church almost every day and so it has become a familiar landmark which we just call pink church plaza. This is one of the busiest plazas and is full of locals enjoying drinks in the before dinner hours. I guess we would call it happy hour. There are no other pink churches so when we get lost we look for this plaza and then we know exactly where we are. Tonight we were walking through here on our way back from tapas. Just as we were leaving we witnessed a roller blading flashmob…seriously. All of a sudden roller bladers just started pouring into the plaza led by a guy riding a bike pulling a stereo system in a baby trailer. There were several “leaders” wearing fluorescent orange and yellow vests and blowing whistles. The stereo was playing club music and everybody was dancing. Not choreographed or anything, but just like a roller blading floating dance club sort of thing. It was incredible. I got some video of it and plan to add a video section to the blog.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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