Eighty Four

IMG_2541A Year of Yoga: March 26, 2014

Pose: Cow Stretch

Sanskrit: Marjariasana

Location: My bed. Today was one of those difficult days. We leave for Madrid tomorrow so there was much to be done. My brother and his wife are staying with us and they leave for Italy tomorrow, so they had a lot to do as well. Brandon works all day on Wednesdays and was unavailable to help. We had deafening construction all day long while trying to get the girls through school work. I also had 2 surprise visits. First our landlord had sent over the guy who replaces the propane for the hot water. I didn’t know he was coming and of course I was in my pajamas running around trying to get things done. I got through the interaction and thankfully had just enough cash to pay him. Later that day, one of the construction workers needed to come inside the house to paint the windows because all the windows here have bars on the outside. So he needed to paint the part between the glass and the bars and could only access it from inside the house. Later in the evening we went out and did a little retail therapy and found a “not tapas” restaurant. Actually it was an Irish Pub called Merchant that we knew about from some of Brandon’s students. I finally found a veggie burger in Sevilla! By the end of the day I was spent, hence yoga in bed.

Photography Credit: Brandon



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