Seventy Four


A Year of Yoga: March 15, 2014

Pose: Standing Mermaid

Location: The balcony above el purerto de Aragon at Plaza de Espana. Today was a day off for everyone. The first time we visited the plaza, Momo really wanted to row boats, so today we came back to do that. We’ve done a lot of exploring that is perhaps more interesting to adults and less so for 10 year olds. So we are trying to make an effort to let Momo choose some activities that she wants to do. She’s been a pretty good sport about being dragged around a bunch of cathedrals and historical city centers. She’s also looking forward to going to Isla de Magica (a water park) and the science museum. After rowing the boats we did a little more exploring around the plaza and wandered up to this balcony with a great view of the plaza.

Photography Credit: Brandon


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