A Year of Yoga: March 11, 2014

Pose: Downdog Splits

Sanskrit: Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svansana

Location: Rooftop Lounge at Cuesta Sport. This is the gym I joined. I will probably keep talking about the perks of moving to a new country with part of a study abroad group. One of the lovely, well-traveled, fluent Spanish speaking, British program directors found this gym and got them to extend a special offer of €99 for 3 months. When I found out from the other study abroad wife that she had paid upwards of €30 per yoga class in Italy on another trip she had done, and that this gym offered several yoga classes a week, and that it was less than a mile from my house, I was sold. As I write this post on Tuesday March 18, I just went to my first yoga class yesterday. But I will write about that experience in another post. The gym is really nice and I love the rooftop lounge. It’s nice and quiet and obviously has lovely views of the city. Hoping to spend some nice afternoons up here reading and sunbathing.

Photography Credit: Brandon


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