Seventy Two


A Year of Yoga: March 13, 2014

Pose: Twisting Low Lunge

Sanskrit: Parivrtta Anjaneyasana

Location: The rooftop of my building. Most of the balconies and rooftops in Seville are for laundry. Laundry is very different in Spain. Obviously, there are no dryers; only washing machines. I’m sure somewhere in Spain someone must have a dryer, but it is not common. This means all the drying gets done outside on clothes lines. I love it. I haven’t minded at all taking the laundry up to the roof. It’s a nice excuse to get outside, get a little exercise going up the four flights of stairs, and I really do think the clothes smell cleaner and fresher. It’s clearly more energy efficient and environmentally friendly as an added bonus. The power of the sun here in Southern Spain, even in March, is something to behold. My laundry is usually dry in an hour or less. Another major laundry difference is that the washing machines are tiny. I gather this is because most of the flats here are quite small and there really is no room for giant hulking machines taking up real estate. There are no laundry rooms so the washers are usually in the kitchen (mine is). Of course, the size of the machines means you really can’t wash very many things at once. One load of wash in my machine might be 5 towels, or a set of queen sized sheets, or 2 pants, a few shirts, and some underwear and socks. This means in a house with 4 people…..yeah. I’m doing laundry almost every day. So far I haven’t minded but it has only been a week. I wonder how long before it gets old?

Photography Credit: Momo


2 thoughts on “Seventy Two

  1. I did a yoga every day last year as my first of 12 habits. It was really wonderful and I now have a really solid yoga practice (both on and off the mat). I love the design of this site – what a beautiful way to showcase your journey!

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