Sixty Six

A Year of Yoga: March 7, 2014

Pose: Reclined Bound Ankle

Sanskrit: Supta Baddha Konasana

Location: My new living room floor. Today is the story of our arrival in Sevilla. As this picture suggests, I am completely exhausted from about 24 straight hours of travel and a 9 hour time change. We landed at the airport in Seville around 1:30 in the afternoon. We did the normal debarking process and headed towards baggage claim. Our family alone required 2 trolleys to get all our luggage out to the bus. We were very grateful that the study abroad program had a chartered bus waiting for us and it was parked very near the baggage claim. Since we went through customs in Madrid, there were no lines and it was very efficient getting to the bus, loading the bus, and riding towards the city and our new home. This is where “easy” ended and stressful and chaotic takes over. Many of the streets are incredibly narrow in Sevilla and are unable to accommodate a bus. Therefore our bus had to drop us off in a plaza a short walk from the dorms where most of the students will be living. So imagine, 40+ people with enough luggage for 3 months, traipsing through unfamiliar, busy, and pedestrian crowded narrow streets. What a spectacle we must have been. Since we no longer had trolleys, our kids had to pull their own weight (literally) and were champs. (Although there were some frustrated tears). Once we arrived at the students’ residence, the study abroad program leaders called a cab for us to drive us to our new home. It was easy to see when it arrived that there was no way all 4 of us plus our luggage was fitting in one cab. So, we got another cab and Brandon rode in one and me and the girls rode in the other. I did my best to explain to the cab driver he needed to follow the other cab since he seemed to have no idea where the address I gave him was. Once they got us to our street, they realized that it was a one way street and our house was down the wrong way. So they proceeded to back up along the one way street as far as they could until cars going the right way blocked them. We had to get out, with all our luggage and hoof it some more until we found our building. Once we arrived at our building, we realized we hadn’t written down the number of our apartment or the phone number of our host (we didn’t have smart phones with internet turned on yet either). Thankfully we only had to stand there wondering what to do for about 5 minutes before our host saw us and came and rescued us. From then on, our host made us feel so welcome and spent an hour or so with us telling us all we needed to know. The catch was that he didn’t speak a word of English. So with our limited Spanish we did our best to communicate and he was great and spoke slowly and used a lot of hand gestures. I think we ended up understanding most of what he wanted to tell us. Our new home is lovely, although a bit of a walk from many of the places we often need to go. We went out in the evening and found the grocery store our host circled on the map, bought a few groceries, and tried to stay awake until a reasonable bed time to keep jet lag from setting in. This is me at the end of the day, after showering the travel off. Exhausted, but happy to be here and ready to start exploring my new home.

Photography Credit: Brandon


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