Sixty Five


A Year of Yoga: March 6, 2014

Pose: Mountain with Namaste (prayer) Hands

Sanskrit: Tadasana

Location: 30K feet somewhere over the Atlantic. Well here we are on the airplane headed towards Madrid. We’ve been en’ route for many hours now. The flight isn’t too bad. We’ve mostly been resting. Unfortunately all four of us were unable to sit together so Brandon and I are together and the girls are together. They are sitting close to some of his students who were happy to check in with them and help if needed. I also went back to check in on them several times. They were doing very well, enjoyed the dinner, and got some sleep. The flight to Miami showed Frozen which they were very happy to watch (as was I). I definitely had a few emotional moments; feeling very much in limbo. We have left behind the known and we have no idea what lies ahead. What will our house be like? Will it be easy to get to? How will everyone adjust? So some deep breathing and centeredness is helpful. We’ll be there soon and the unknown will become the familiar and normal before we know it.

Photography Credit: Brandon


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