Forty Six

A Year of Yoga: February 15, 2014

Pose: Low Tree with Reverse Namaste

Sanskrit: Vrksasana

Location: Harmony Cellars in the tiny town of Harmony, CA. Harmony Cellars is off Hwy 1 (aka Pacific Coast Hwy) about half way between Morro Bay and Cambria. We always stop off here when we drive up the Central California Coast. This weekend we were headed to Morro Bay for a last minute camping trip before we move to Europe. My husband and I first began coming here back in 2007 when we took a trip to Cambria for our 10th wedding anniversary. Obviously, being in wine country, we were there to do a lot of wine tasting. My brother-in-law shared about this place when he heard we were making the trip. So we decided to make this our first stop of that weekend. Here we are 7 years later, still stopping off here at least once or twice a year. Plus since we are members we get six bottles shipped 3 times a year. We try to hoard our inventory but inevitably we end up going through them faster than we’d like. For the price, they really make quite amazing wine. I don’t know a lot about wine. I know what I like for my normal price range. Harmony is a huge step up from what I normally drink. So it’s a special treat when we open a bottle. Even if it’s for no special reason or occasion.

Photography Credit: Momo


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