Forty Seven

A Year of Yoga: February 16, 2014

Pose: Fallen Star

Location: Sand Dunes across from the marina in Morro Bay State Park. We have been camping here for several years now, although this is the first time we’ve gone without the extended family unit. A tradition is renting kayaks at the marina and paddling across the bay to the sand dunes. We then usually run around the sand dunes, making sand angels, rolling down the dunes, etc. This time the girls and Brandon rented kayaks and I decided to try my hand at Stand Up Paddleboarding. Well, I made it across, but it took way longer than in a kayak. It was quite windy that day also so I just kept paddling and paddling and every time I looked up I felt like I hadn’t gone anywhere. But it was still fun and I definitely plan to go again. Now I know what I’m doing. I thought maybe I could strike a yoga pose on the board, but no way in hell. I really have respect for my fellow yogis who can balance on less than two feet planted firmly on the board. Maybe some day!

Photography Credit: Brandon


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