Forty One

A Year of Yoga: February 10, 2014

Pose: Warrior 2

Sanskrit: Virbhadrasana II

Location: AAA Autoclub in Fullerton. As I prepare for this trip there are more and more little details I’m discovering about how be a prepared traveller. A few days ago I discovered there is such a thing as an International Driver’s Permit. Since we are planning to rent cars for several different side trips (hiking/camping in Scotland and spring break in Portugal), I thought I better look into this International Permit thing. I’m very glad I did. As it turns out, Spain is a country that require you to have it in order to rent a car (not all countries require it). Once in Europe it would be too late to get it and we would be out of luck in the car rental department…at least in Spain. The purpose of the permit is to help officers in other countries translate your actual license. So, you have to carry both the permit and your license while driving in foreign countries. It is, thankfully, a pretty painless process. It took about a half hour and cost $15 per permit. And now look out Spain, and Portugal, and Scotland; where they drive on the left side….(insert scared face emoticon here)!

Photography Credit: Brandon


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