Thirty Nine

A Year of Yoga: February 8, 2014

Pose: Knee to Forehead Plank

Location: Courthouse – Beginning of the Fullerton Loop. Saturday is mountain biking day…or sometimes Sundays. The Fullerton Loop is 11 miles but I currently only ride about 7 of those. There’s a shortcut we take back to the courthouse that cuts off the rest….the more difficult portion that heads up into Coyote Hills. Most of the reason for avoiding that part is that the quality of my bike is dismal. Only 15 gears, no shocks; it’s kind of sad and ridiculous actually. I am planning to sell this bike before taking off for Europe. I’m hoping I can rent/buy something there and find some places to bike. If anyone out there has advice or direction for mountain biking around Seville or Barcelona, please let me know! When I am back in California I think I will purchase something from Craigslist. Mountain biking is one of those activities that you hate to invest money in before you know you actually like it, but it’s hard to participate in without the proper equipment. So I’ve been riding weekly since October on crappy equipment. I think that is proof enough that I love it and deserve a better bike!

Photography Credit: Momo


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