Thirty Three

A Year of Yoga: February 2, 2014

Pose: Standing/balancing forehead to knee

Location: Overlooking Lions Field; Fullerton                                                                                                  So today is Super Bowl Sunday. Everyone is watching the game and here I am messing around with yoga poses. I used to be really into NFL. I live in So Cal so we are forced to make do with the Chargers as our quasi-home team. But I was on board with them back in the LT days. About 3 seasons ago we rid ourselves of the terrible cable service of AT&T and didn’t replace it. For a while we desperately tried to find ways to keep watching football and continue our Sunday afternoons of yelling at the t.v. all day, eating really good Mexican food and drinking beer. At least at that point there was no easy way to watch online and even though we got a really good antenna to try and pick up the major network games, our 50’s-built, plaster walls wouldn’t transmit the signal. Alas, we learned to live without football. I do wish I had made arrangements to see today’s game if only because the Seahawks are playing and my whole crazy Washington family are so excited. But as it turns out it doesn’t seem like I’m missing much.

Photography Credit: me (iPhone 5 & gorilla pod)


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