Thirty One

A Year of Yoga: January 31, 2014

Pose: Hands Under Feet

Location: Stucco wall separating my front yard from my neighbor’s.

One Month Reflection: Back in December when I decided to do this, I was unable to put my finger on something specific I wanted to gain or what was motivating me to do this challenge.  I vaguely thought maybe I would learn something new about myself or it would force me to push myself further in my practice. 365 is a lot of poses and there are a lot of yoga poses I have not yet mastered. At the end of the first month, it’s not so much that I’ve learned anything new about myself or pushed myself harder. It’s highlighted things I already knew. So here are some notes about my experience thus far.

I’m a classic extrovert. I absolutely get energy from being around other people, having great conversations, etc. It motivates me to be creative, try new things, and challenge myself. Having to accomplish many of the daily poses on my own has been a challenge. Many days I haven’t had the luxury of a second person to accompany me wherever I decide to go.

I’m a great procrastinator. I’m happy to leave something to the last possible moment. Sometimes (o.k. a lot of times) I just give up on an idea or a project because I get lazy. However, for this challenge I have definitely put myself in a position of accountability to stick with it. I haven’t had a day where I felt like giving up (although I’m expecting that to happen eventually), but I have had days I took a lazy picture. I’m not being too hard on myself about it, but I have realized if this challenge is going to work I need to be more mindful and intentional and scheduled.

I really want to be a better and more creative photographer. I love photography but I know NOTHING about taking a good picture. So I stole this photography book for kids off my daughter’s bookshelf. Although since I’m such a great procrastinator I haven’t actually opened it yet. Anyone have any other tips or resources, please feel free to leave a comment.

Lastly, I’m beyond grateful for the support, kind words, and encouragement I’ve gotten. Thank you to each of you who have taken a moment to read my words or check out my photos. Namaste.


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